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TAPIO RQPv2 – Roll Quality Profiler text here professional quality  provide you with high-quality consultations concerning any question about our services.

Tapio – Paper Machine & Roll Quality Analyzers

Tapio RQP – Mobile & Automatic Roll Quality Profilers (hardness/moisture)

Tapio PMA – Paper Machine Analyzers & Laboratory Analysis Services

Tapio PapEye CloudQCS – Paper & Print Quality Analysis Platform

We are pleased to welcome D.Sc. (Tech.) Tuomas Tiainen as our new Managing Director at Tapio Measurement Technologies. Tuomas brings valuable experience from his years at Aalto University as a metrology researcher and will lead the development of our range of products in the future.

Ilkka Mustonen, our previous Managing Director, will transition to the role of Sales Director. Ilkka will continue to be an integral part of our team, focusing on maintaining strong relationships with our customers.

We are looking forward to our continued collaboration.

You can reach Ilkka at ilkka.mustonen@tapiotechnologies.com (tel. +358400448870)
 and Tuomas at tuomas.tiainen@tapiotechnologies.com (tel. +358405002279)

PapEye CloudQCS – Analysis SaaS Platform

• Crepe Analysis
• Mottling
• Graininess
• Coming: Dirt count

Tapio RQP MW – Moisture Profiler
• Mobile measurement of high resolution moisture profiles through multiple layers of paper or board rolls

What we do

Tapio — a company specializing in providing lab and online analyzers and analysis services for paper, board, packaging, tissue, plastic, printing, converting and nonwovens industries.



Our mission

We offer all paper, board, tissue, nonwovens and plastics mills worldwide with best analytical innovation. Tapio is known for its unique capability of connecting quality variations to production line elements causing these variations. These unique features of our products are accessible to all  current and new customers.






Tapio RQP – Roll Quality Profilers

TAPIO RQP will see quality variations much better than conventional lab or online analysis systems. This is because we effectively measure many hundreds of layers on a roll, not just one layer at a time.

TAPIO RQP Profilers can be used as a guide to fine tune the settings of a production machine. Further, Tapio RQP can be used as a quality consistency measurement to screen “good” from “bad” rolls.

Tapio PMA & Tapio Profiler - Paper Machine Analyzers and Laboratory Analysis Services

Find the connection between quality variations and machine elements!

PapEye CloudQCS
- Paper & Print Analysis Tools

Image analysis cloud platform for quality control in the paper industry


TAPIO products provide tools for solving all types of machine runnability and quality issues as well as monitoring and optimizing production. Applications include paper, board, tissue, nonwovens, converting, packaging, printing and plastics industries.

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