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Tapio PapEye CloudQCS is an online platform for quality control and analysis, designed for the paper, board, plastic, and sheet material industries. You can use your own scanner or camera, or opt for equipment from Tapio, to create an input file for analysis on PapEye CloudQCS.

The platform is accessible through any modern web browser at www.papeye.com and offers a user-friendly interface for your analysis needs.

Available analysis modules:

Mottling analysis

The PapEye Mottling Analysis module simplifies the process of analyzing print mottling according to the ISO/IEC 24790 standard. Use any standard flatbed scanner to create input files, upload them to our tool, and quickly assess the quality of your prints.


Tapio can provide a list of recommended scanners to ensure optimal results.

Graininess analysis

The PapEye Graininess Analysis tool offers a straightforward method for assessing print graininess, in line with the ISO/IEC 24790 standard. Simply scan your print samples, upload the files and quickly receive an indication of the graininess level in your samples. 

Crepe analysis

The PapEye Crepe Analysis tool is designed for quick and easy crepe count determination in tissue samples. There’s no need for specialized equipment; just take a picture with a camera, upload it, and get an instant analysis of your sample’s crepe count, aiding in your evaluation of quality and performance aspects of your creping production process.

Crepe analysis with camera
www.papeye.com user interface