PapEye Mottling for Windows

Standalone applications for Windows platforms

PapEye Mottling for Windows application is based on computational image analysis of scanned samples. The software enables an objective evaluation of mottling and similar marbling effects in print. A regular scanner can be used to obtain the input from printed or unprinted samples (white-top mottling).

Delivering a user-friendly experience, the software provides one simple mottling score for each analyzed sample. 

PapEye Mottling for Windows features:

● Objective evaluation of mottling and similar variation effects in print and base paper
● Computation of a mottling value, which represents how much variation disturbing to the human eye there is in the sample
● Convenient tools for mass analysis of entire folders and multiple samples from a single image at once
● View, copy and export results (Excel or csv format)
● Algorithm according to the ISO/IEC 24790 standard

The human eye recognises mottling effects with different sensitivities, depending on the size of the defect. With flaw sizes of lower wavelengths, the human eye is relatively insensitive, because it can hardly detect such fine variations. However, the human eye is very sensitive to patch sizes within a certain visible range. PapEye Mottling for Windows and the ISO/IEC 24790 standard provide results that correspond well with human perceived print quality.

Graininess analysis according to ISO/IEC 24790 is also available upon request.


Presentation: PapEye Mottling and Graininess for Windows
● Brochure: PapEye Mottling for Windows


PapEye Mottling for Windows is a Windows executable application. 

System requirements:
● Supports modern Windows versions
● x64 and x86 systems supported
● Good quality flatbed scanner with options to disable image enhancement features and 300 DPI resolution
● List of recommended scanners available from Tapio Measurement Technologies

Mottling analysis procedure