PapEye – Mottling

PapEye Mottling Analysis (ISO/IEC 24790) is an online tool for simple and accurate print mottling analysis. Use your scanner to create input files and upload them to PapEye Mottling tool to evaluate the quality of the print.

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PapEye Mottling Analysis Procedure

Mottling analysis procedure
PapEye CloudQCS mottling analysis

Mottling Relevance & Mottling Curve

Because the human eye recognises mottling effects with different sensitivities, according to the size of the surface viewed, the results of the various stages are evaluated according to this factor. With flaw sizes of lower wavelengths, the human eye is relatively insensitive, because it can hardly detect such fine structures. But it is very sensitive with flaw sizes larger. The mottling score is calculated according to the flaw sizes specified in the ISO/IEC 24790 standard.